New Skete Dog Training

Brother Christopher walking dogs on monastery road.

Dog Training for all Breeds of Dogs

  • help correct nuisance behaviors
  • deepen the bond between you and your dog
  • ensure your dog's safety and happiness
  • nurture a good canine companion

Brother Christopher with German Shephed

Our Training Program

A 2.5 week course in AKC (American Kennel Club) type obedience, incorporating the values of our monastic environment.

Our technique and philosophy


Our aim is to make it possible for owners to include their dogs fully in their lives, to help them realize the dream of what such a relationship can be.     


We teach your dog the Heel/Let’s go, Sit, Wait/Stay, Place, Come, Down and Down-Stay on and off leash, and help you with any behavioral difficulties you have mentioned to us. Our method, described at length in our books, "How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend", "The Art of Raising a Puppy",  “Divine Canine” and "Let Dogs Be Dogs" employs a philosophy of praise, fairness, and discipline, set against a background of patience, repetition, and dedication. 

In addition, over the years, we have had great success integrating remote collars into our training program. These collars use very low-level electrical impulses (usually lower than a human can feel in their own hand) in conjunction with commands to reinforce understanding and bring your dog to on and off-leash reliability, while adjusting unwanted behavior in less time and with much less stress than ever before. 

dog sitting waiting for a cookie

Our Training

Here at New Skete we offer a course in AKC (American Kennel Club) type obedience, incorporating the values of our monastic environment with the teaching of standard exercises both on and off leash. We also help owners with any behavioral difficulties they may mention to us.

​The course runs 2.5 weeks, and includes:
•    Boarding
•    Exercise
•    Daily training
•    Remote collar
•    Final interview with demo and hands-on by owner
•    Training report for continued education at home and access to video library

 Our training comes with unlimited support for the life of your dog.

The program includes follow up to insure your happiness and success.    
We are always available to help dogs that have completed our training.

The cost for training is $3,295.00 + NYS sales tax.   If you are interested in enrolling your dog in the program, please complete the webform.  We need to have your application electronically on record in order to keep track of your dog's place on our waiting list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my dog miss me?

Who will train my and care for my dog?

What is a typical day like?

 Your dog will be happy and busy the entire time he/she is at New Skete.    There is plenty of mental and physical stimulation to keep your dog engaged and content as well as time for rest.  You are welcome to bring your dog’s favorite bedding or blanket along with a special toy.  

Your dog will be thrilled, when you return, to show you all he/she has learned. 

What is a typical day like?

Who will train my and care for my dog?

What is a typical day like?

 Your dog will get two formal sessions and one informal session over the course of the day.

These will include learning to walk politely on leash and the other basic training skills, distraction training, and off-leash work that focuses on reliable recall.

This integrated program is designed to make you dog the companion you dreamed of. 

Who will train my and care for my dog?

Who will train my and care for my dog?

Who will train my and care for my dog?

 Your dog will be trained and cared for by the Monks of New Skete.  

Brother Christopher, Director of Training, is a long-standing Hall of Fame member of the International Association of Canine Professionals.  

For over 40 years, New Skete, has dedicated itself to providing the best possible companion dogs for you and your family.

Do I stay at the monastery?

What do I have to do once I get my dog home?

Who will train my and care for my dog?

New Skete offers a board and train program.  Some refer to this type of program as a training camp.

At time of scheduled drop-off you will spend approximately one hour in review with one the brothers.  When you return at your scheduled time, you will spend a minimum of two hours in review and hands-on training with Brother Christopher.

The brothers will work with you until you are comfortable handling  your dog. 

What do I have to do once I get my dog home?

What do I have to do once I get my dog home?

What do I have to do once I get my dog home?

At your pick-up meeting, you will be presented with a “manual” for continuing your dog's training at home. This manual covers general information such as getting started, the ten commands, review of the go-to place command, information on the e-collar, and training exercises written specifically for you and your dog. 

If you follow the program consistently, you will reinforce the training which has already taken place and will continue to build a relationship with your dog that is mutually fulfilling. 

Support for the life of your dog?

What do I have to do once I get my dog home?

What do I have to do once I get my dog home?

Our training includes support for the life of your dog.  

The program includes follow up to insure your happiness and success.

Upon returning home with your dog, should you have questions, simply email us.  We will email, call, Skype, use videos, or schedule a visit to address your questions.   

Client Feedback

happy dog

 Dear Brother Christopher,

​Susa has been a joy to have at home.  We train every day and she seems to love the exercises.  As you can see from the picture, she has become quite enthusiastic about coming when called (and all her other exercises.)  Thanks again for your wonderful work with her.

Best Wishes
Anne & Nelson 

little girl walking large dog

 Couldn't resist our snapping these pictures! 

Our 4&3/4 year old (as she says) granddaughter loves Greta and had her sit and heel today.  We thought they both did very well, and thought we would share it with you. 

This was spur of the moment and without "tools".  We just received the new charger, and will be using  it as soon as it is revved up.


The Maurice Sendak Training Building at New Skete

Maurice Sendak


Maurice Sendak was a dear friend of New Skete for many years. Not only was a lover of all things dog, he saw clearly their spiritual importance and how they can enrich our lives when they are cared for and loved. Maurice included his dogs in each of his books and their presence reflects just how vital they were to his inspiration.

We are blessed to have known his friendship and support and through the generosity of the Maurice Sendak Foundation we honor his legacy and keep his memory eternal.

The Building

 The new training facility is a 6,144 square feet, modest barn style building.  The design features geo-thermal heated floors, and an indoor training area for times of inclement weather.  Each dog is housed in its own kennel and run.  Dogs can see their neighbor in the next run.  Safety and comfort are key in the design. 

The Grounds

 New Skete is a small monastery located near the quaint village of Cambridge, approximately one hour north of Albany, New York.  The monastery and the training kennel are found on a gentle slope of Two Top Mountain. 

Morning and afternoon walks on the mountain road ensure that your dog is getting adequate exercise during his/her stay here.  Play sessions in our fenced yard further your dog's experience and are coupled with informal training.

Dog Training Workshops and Seminars

E-Collar Workshop with the Monks of New Skete and Marc Goldberg

Marc Goldberg and Brother Christopher

June 09 - 13, 2020

Workshop for any trainer or dog owner.

Contact Us

No entry into the training center without appointment.

To view a training session, we invite you to attend one of our annual events, at which you will see a dog training demo.

New Skete Dog Training

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