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In Peace

  We hope that you find your visit to our website informative and peaceful.  Our Eastern Orthodox monastery, located in Cambridge, New York, was founded in 1966.  

As Orthodox Christians, it is our passionate desire to live the monastic life and to worship authentically and intensely. New Skete’s entire history has been characterized, in the midst of supporting ourselves, by our efforts to translate the essentials of early Christian monasticism to an American culture capable of transforming us today. This has entailed pursuing the knowledge needed to foster a spirit of healthy simplicity. We achieve this by studying Sacred Scripture, Monastic and Liturgical History and by being open to the difficulties and yearnings of our contemporaries. 


Upcoming Events

September 22, 2017 - Free Concert by the Konevet Quartet from Saint Petersburg, Russia

The New Skete Monasteries present the Konevets Quartet, a male vocal ensemble from St. Petersburg, Russia.  A program of harmonic brilliance in the rich tradition of Russian choral music and the male chamber choir.  Performance includes sacred music, ranging from chants and hymns to secular songs featuring Russian and Ukrainian folk songs, classical selections and Imperial regimental songs and marches which were forbidden during Communism. 

The concert starts at 7:30 pm, and is open to all.   Donations are welcome.

September 30, 2017 - Blessing of the Animals, Fall Festival, all and the animals they love are welcome

The New Skete Monasteries invite you and the animal you love to their annual blessing of the animals in celebration of the Feast of Saint Francis.  Arrival starts at 2:00 pm, blessing service is at 3:30 pm.  Refreshments of the season to follow.  All animals must be on a leash or in a secure pen at all times for the safety of the participants and other animals.  FREE, open to the public. 

October 07, 2017 - Autumn Retreat, Silence and Engagement, pre-registration required

The New Skete Monasteries host this annual program retreat.  This year's theme is Silence: disengaging from my busy mind and engaging my "heart consciousness" of who I truly am.   Retreat fee includes continental breakfast, lunch, afternoon refreshments, retreat materials and three conferences led by Sister Rebecca, Brother Stavros and Brother Christopher.  

Tour of Church Renovation

 New Skete’s Holy Transfiguration Temple (aka the “little church”) We are grateful to all those who have donated gifts to assist in the renovations on the Holy Transfiguration Temple. Work began in 2016 during our 50th Anniversary celebration and while we have raised $118,800 a shortfall of $281,200 remains to complete the necessary work. We ask you to consider a gift at this time to help enable us to reach our goal of $400,000 so that the church can once again welcome all.  Click here to help.

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A Peaceful Place, Visitors Welcome

Located on the gentle slope of Two-Top mountain [el. 1,743 ft.], you will find the churches of New Skete, Emmaus Guest House, the dog kennels,  and the monks' monastery.   Nearby, you will find the nuns' monastery along with their cheesecake bakery.  Peace and tranquility are part of the setting as well as part of life at New Skete.  

New Skete Monasteries

Monks Monastery, 273 New Skete Lane, Cambridge, NY 12816 (518) 677-3928

Nuns Monastery, 345 Ashgrove Road, Cambridge, NY 12816 (518) 677-3810

Worship Hours

Sunday Matins - 9 am
Sunday Divine Liturgy - 10 am
Tuesday - Friday Matins - 7:15 am
Saturday Matins - 8 am
Tuesday - Saturday Vespers - 5 pm

*Closed for Summer Retreat until September 13, 2017