New Skete Resident Experience Program


Meaningful Work and Spiritual Discernment

Resident experience participants are fully engage in the liturgical life of the Monastery and share in the work along side the Monks and Nuns.


Balance in Community

Resident experience members participate fully in the daily rhythm of prayer, worship, work, study and leisure.  Their participation as a temporary resident supports the mission of the monks and nuns of New Skete.


Shared Gifts

 Resident experience members bring their talents, skills, desire to learn, perspectives, questions, and their longing to follow Christ.  They receive guidance as they discern their Christian journey.


Mission Statement

Our vocation as Eastern Orthodox monastics, united in two communities of monks and nuns, is to grow in the likeness of Christ through a vowed life.  We seek to embody and express Christ's love and message for all seekers in a manner responsive to contemporary needs and faithful to the prophetic spirit of the earliest Christian communities.

Life at New Skete


As New Skete is an Orthodox monastic community comprised of monks and nuns, we are passionately committed to living the monastic life in a manner appropriate for the 21st century. Our life is grounded in prayer, both through our liturgical life and in our personal prayer. We gather for Matins and Vespers daily and celebrate the Divine Liturgy on Sundays and feast days. Prayer is the heart of our life, which energizes and connects all the other activities the community is involved in: the breeding and raising of German shepherd dogs, the training of dogs of all breeds, the baking of cheesecakes and fruitcakes, the painting of icons, hospitality, and research into the liturgical arts.

Unique Culture


Over the course of our history, New Skete has developed a unique monastic culture that is at once both solidly traditional yet open to the creative breath of the Spirit. We believe that monasticism is perennially relevant, providing a place where men and women can explore the deepest meaning in life as monastics, or as visitors.

Learn and Live


An expression of this uniqueness is our resident experience program for men and women who are 20 years and older, and who wish to spend a significant period of time in a quiet environment in order to discern their life path, however that may unfold. While open to individuals who are thinking about monastic life, we also welcome inquiries from those who, while not feeling called to monastic life as a permanent vocation, wish to cultivate a solid spiritual foundation that anchors whatever life path they embark on. Our temporary residents participate in the daily rhythm of prayer and work at the monastery; they join the monks and nuns for daily worship, and they share in the various aspects of the community’s work and culture: the puppy and dog training programs, the care of the monastery and grounds, the hospitality and events, work in the bakery, and other cottage industries the monks and nuns may be involved in. We are open to utilizing the particular gifts volunteers may possess to help the community. In so far as it is possible, we encourage volunteers to take advantage of immersing themselves in the unique monastic culture, and we provide the opportunity (should they so desire) of meeting regularly with a monk or nun who acts as a spiritual resource person to help them in their spiritual journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Time Commitment

Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Resident volunteers stay on average of 1 to 3 months, with the possibility of being renewed.

Resident volunteers perform on average of 25 hours a week of volunteer service, following a schedule for the tasks assigned.

Resident volunteers attend daily worship with the monks and nuns.

Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Program Requirements

  • Resident volunteers must be at least 20 years old
  • have a willingness to commit to the monasteries' daily schedule and guidelines
  • physical, mental, and emotional health and stability
  • positive attitude and flexibility
  • financial resources to sustain personal needs (medical, transportation, loans, bills) for the full commitment period.

Room and Board

Program Requirements

Typical Daily Schedule

As a resident volunteer you will receive:

  • A sleeping room similar to the monks and nuns.  These rooms are located in one of two locations, the monks' monastery, and the nuns' monastery.
  • Free meals.  (Meals are with the monastics.)
  • Use of laundry facilities.
  • Wi-Fi and domestic phone calls.
  • Access to the libraries, occassional conferences, and spiritual direction.

Typical Daily Schedule

Typical Daily Schedule

Typical Daily Schedule

7:15 am Matins
8:00 am Breakfast
8:30 am - 12:15 pm Work period, meetings, free time*
12:15 pm Midday meal and cleanup
1:00 pm Tersext
1:30  - 5:00 pm Work period, meetings, free time*
5:00 pm Vespers
6:15 pm Evening meal and cleanup

* these blocks of time can accommodate work, meetings with spiritual directors, classes, study time, choir rehearsals, gatherings, and free time.

Our Work

Typical Daily Schedule

Additional Information

As a resident volunteer you will have the opportunity to work along side the monks and nuns in the following areas:

  • Puppy and dog training programs
  • Care of the monastery and grounds
  • Hospitality- guesthouse care and events
  • Cheesecake bakery

additional work in cataloging, digitizing, writing, and music

Additional Information

Typical Daily Schedule

Additional Information

Resident volunteers can enjoy hiking the trails at the monasteries, as well as the numerous mountains in the area.  

Volunteers are welcome to bring a car, but is not necessary.  The nearest large city is a 30 minute drive.

WiFi is available at both monasteries and the guest house.

There is a limited DVD and VHS library available.

Dress code is clean, conservative and modest.