Visiting New Skete

Day Visits, Individual Retreats, and Group Tours

Should you ever find yourself near our back door to New England, you are most welcome to visit and pray with us or simply to have some quiet time for reflection. The Nuns are located about 2 miles east of the village of Cambridge, New York, the Monks are about 4 miles further east. New Skete is located approximately 45 miles northeast of Albany, NY, and approximately 20 miles northwest of Bennington, VT in the gentle and lovely Taconic Mountains, which geologically sideswipe the Green Mountains of Vermont, just north of the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts.

Liturgical Services
Our worship services are open to all.  There are no services on Mondays.

Day Visits
Our churches, gardens, bell tower, and hiking trail are open for self-guided tours, Tuesday through Sunday, closed Monday. The grounds are closed during community retreat times (mid-August through mid-September, and our mid-winter retreat, in February.  Self-guided tour brochures are available at the bell tower.

Visitors are not permitted in the dog kennels due to health and safety precautions.

Individual Retreats

 Guests are welcome to stay at New Skete at either Emmaus Guesthouse at the Monks' Monastery or at the guestroom at the Nuns' Monastery.

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Group Tours, Retreats, and Conferences

 Bring your group to New Skete for a tour churches, plan your group's retreat at Emmaus House, or attend one of our conferences

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Individual Retreats

 We are pleased to share the quiet, solitude and beauty of our surroundings with you. Retreats differ in focus. A retreat can simply be a time of rest and renewal from your daily life, or you may desire to have a more directed retreat in the context of our liturgical life. The structure of your time with us can be worked out once you arrive, or you may communicate your interest ahead of time. We welcome guests throughout the year, with the exception of our own retreat times - mid-August through mid-September, and our mid-winter retreat, usually in February. Our guest rooms are usually booked several weeks in advance, so we recommend making your reservation early. Please check the group retreats page for thematic retreats planned throughout the year.

Retreats may be scheduled for two or more nights, starting at noon on Tuesday and ending with the mid-day meal on Sunday. All meals are provided. Animals cannot be accommodated unless you require a service dog. People of all faiths are welcome and are encouraged to join us for the daily offices of Matins, Vespers, as well as Divine Liturgy on Sundays and feast days. In addition, there is ample time for private prayer and reflection, as well as conversations with other guests and monastics. The grounds of the communities are open to guests, with the exception of areas designated as private. 

We accept guests Tuesday through Sunday for two or more nights. The midday meal on Sunday ends the visit and/or retreat. Please check our calendar for any thematic retreats that may be planned throughout the year. The guest rooms are closed August 15th through September 14th, during our mid-winter retreat in February, and for a week in May. Guestrooms are usually booked several weeks in advance. 

Retreats with the Monks of New Skete

 Each two-chambered guestroom consists of a parlor, a bedroom, and a private bath.  A sliding door in the parlor leads to a quiet patio area and the beautiful gardens of Emmaus House.

The common area of Emmaus Guest House is a spacious gathering room with high vaulted ceilings and natural light from the gardens.  There is a library with spiritual and secular books.

We suggest that guests worship with the community twice a day for matins and vespers, as well as Divine Liturgy on Sundays and feast days.

Our guests share meals with us and have access to the beautiful grounds that comprise our property. We have well-marked hiking trails and a trail map that guests are welcome to use.  

Spiritual direction with one of the brothers is also possible during your stay.

A donation of $80 a day is suggested, although those who can give more provide the opportunity for those that can afford less.  

If you must cancel your retreat, please let us know as soon as possible.

Questions?  Call Brother Gregory 518-677-3928 ext 226.

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Retreats with the Nuns of New Skete

 Our guest accommodations include a bedroom with two twin beds, sitting chairs and private bath and shower, as well as a guest living room with a small balcony and a kitchenette where guests have breakfast. Lunch and dinner are usually taken with us in our dining room. Our Lady of the Sign chapel is in the guest wing and available to you during your time with us.

We suggest that guests worship with the community twice a day for matins and vespers, as well as Divine Liturgy on Sundays and feast days. Matins is held in the small chapel of our monastery, Tuesday through Friday. Vespers, Divine Liturgy and feast day services are held in the Holy Wisdom Temple at the Monks' monastery.

We encourage you to join us in our daily schedule of work, prayer and study to give you a deeper sense of our expression of Orthodox monastic life, or to simply enjoy the lovely quiet the monastery offers.

Spiritual companioning with one of the nuns is also possible during your stay.

 A donation of $70 a day is suggested, although those who can give more provide the opportunity for those that can afford less.  

If you must cancel your retreat, please let us know as soon as possible. 

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Guest House Policy at Monks of New Skete

Monks' Guest House Policy (pdf)


Group Tours, Retreats and Conferences


Group Tours


The breathtaking churches, the extensive gardens and waterfall feature and the peace and solitude of New Skete welcome you to learn about its history, art and culture.


A typical visit to New Skete includes a tour of the churches, with one of the brothers giving a lecture on their history and the icons depicted on the walls, a question-and-answer session, a visit to the Meditation Garden, a slice of cheesecake, a visit to the monks’ gift shop and a stop at the nuns’ monastery to purchase cheesecake for home.

 You may even catch a glimpse of the famed New Skete German Shepherd dog.

The fee for this tour is $6.00.  This covers the slice of cheesecake and a small stipend for the monk providing the tour. 


There is ample parking and buses are easily accommodated.  New Skete tours are wheelchair accessible. 

Tours are not available on Sundays and Mondays. 

Groups tours are for groups of 10 or more people and are by appointment only. 

To schedule a tour, please submit a group tour request form.

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Group Retreats and Conferences


Nourish your spirit and refocus on what is most important in the peace, solitude and beauty of the surroundings of New Skete. Read, rest, and relax.  Hike and enjoy the grounds.  Retreats are available to all faiths and no faiths. 

Scheduled Program Retreats

Fall Retreat

 Lenten Retreat

 Art of Living with Your Dog Seminar

Group Conferences 

Bring your group to New Skete for a unique and secluded venue.  The spacious common areas and the gardens at New Skete's Emmaus House are available for group conferences and workshops.  For multi-day retreats, we can include the sleeping rooms and partner with a local inn for overflow.  In addition to joining the brothers and sisters in daily worship and meals, guests may request in advance, an address or series of addresses and meditations from one of the monastics.  Contact Brother Gregory to inquire about group conferences.  

Group conference sample itinerary and guesthouse amenties