Breeding Program - FAQs

What is the process for purchasing a New Skete German Shepherd puppy?

New Skete German Shepherd puppy playing.

 New Skete accepts applications for puppies twice a year.  
November 1st and June 1st.
We accept  a limited number of applications.  The application will remain online until that number is acquired.  
This happens quickly; apply early.
The application must be completed and submitted online. 

After I apply, how long before I would be able to get a puppy?

New Skete German Shepherd puppy laying in play tunnel

 We are a small monastery and operate a small breeding program.  Mother Nature can be fickle and we never know how many puppies will be born. 

The wait time is usually a year and a half, but it can be in excess of two years.

Are the puppies trained?

New Skete German Shepherd puppies laying in grass.

 New Skete puppies are socialized.  They are handled from an early age and introduced to different people and situations.  More about socializing can be found in our book “The Art of Raising Your Puppy.”  They are not house (potty) trained.   

What is the price of a puppy?

New Skete German Shepherd puppy carrying leaf in mouth.

 At present, the cost for a New Skete German shepherd puppy is between $4,000 and $4,500.  This is subject to change without notice. 

The application will be open on June 01st at 12:00PM, EST.

Can I purchase an adult dog?

New Skete German shepherd dog laying on cot in training center.

When an adult dog is retired from the breeding program, he/she is then placed in a loving home for the rest of his or her life.

The breeding program at New Skete is small and the availability of retired adult dogs does not occur often. 

What is the price of an adult dog?

New Skete German Shepherd laying by feet of people in monks' rec room.

At present, the cost for an adult New Skete Shepherd is between $8,500 to $10,000.  This is subject to change without notice.

Adult dogs have completed the New Skete Dog Training program.

We are currently not accepting adult dog applications

Tips for applying

  • Mark your calendar for either November 1st or June 1st.  No reminders will be emailed.
  • The application will go live at 12:00 PM EST.  Last time we reached our quota of online applications in under one hour.
  • All applications must be submitted online.
  • There are no "trick" questions or right or wrong answers on the application.  We ask for your contact information, ask you to tell us about your home, your experience with dogs, what you are looking for in a New Skete German Shepherd puppy, and just a few more questions about if you are willing to have your puppy spayed or neutered, take him or her to puppy classes, and eventually further his or her training with a professional trainer.

    In the meantime please consider reading Article 35-D NYS Sale of Dog and Cats